Admission Procedure, CANADA

There are two major steps to take if students wish to come to Canada to study at the post-secondary level (in Canada the term post-secondary is commonly used to refer to tertiary or advanced education). First, students must be accepted in programs of study by a recognized Canadian post-secondary institutions. Second, students must apply for and be granted a student authorization and visa from Canadian immigration authorities. These procedures take considerable time, and students should apply six months to a year in advance of when they wish to begin study in Canada.

Canada does not have a national education system. Public education is under the jurisdiction of each of the ten provinces and three territories. This means there are some differences and similarities in the systems across the country. Admission requirements, program and course offerings, and fees vary from one institution to another. Dove Education Consultants will guide the students as to institutions offer the programs the students want to take and contact them directly for more detailed information. Regulations governing international students differ from those for Canadian students.

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