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In an increasingly globalized world economy, people need special skills and qualities to succeed. Employers want employees who can think effectively, creatively and independently. This is an essential part of the UK learning experience. Institutions use a variety of teaching and assessment methods to encourage independence, as well as mastery of the subject.

UK towns and cities have long experience of providing homes for students and there are many affordable, comfortable and safe places to live.

You should always try to arrange your long-term accommodation before you leave home. Your institution should be able to help you with this. Colleges have student advisers who can advise you on how to find accommodation and universities have accommodation officers.

When you accept a study place, you should receive a package of information, which will include accommodation information. Complete the accommodation application form and return it by the date stated. Even if residential accommodation is not available, there will be an accommodation advisory office which can help you find private accommodation.

If you are coming to the UK for the first time, accommodation provided by your college or university might be the most suitable choice. This is an option taken up by more than half of the international students on degree courses in the UK.

Student Visa

You must be able to show that you have been accepted on a course of study at an educational establishment that is on the UK’s Department for children schools and families Register of Education and Training Providers. (

You must be able to show that you are going to follow:

    • a recognized full-time degree course, or
    • a course run during the week involving at least 15 hours of organized daytime study each week, or a full-time course at an independent fee-paying school

You must also

    • be able topay for your course and support yourself and any dependants, and live in the UK without going into business or getting a job, or needing any help from public funds
    • be able and intend to follow your chosen course, and intend to leave the UK when you complete your studies, if your course of study is below degree level.

If you graduated from a UK university or other educational institution in the last 12 months with a bachelor’s degree (second class honours or above), master’s degree or PhD in certain subjects, you can apply to stay in the UK and get a job for an extra year after your degree course finishes, without getting a work permit.

If you successfully complete a degree level course as above, awarded by a Scottish institution, you may be able to apply to live and work in Scotland for up to two years after achieving your qualification under the Fresh Talent:

  1. Working in Scotland scheme.
  2. Working While Studying

The Rules state that applicants must be able to support themselves and any dependants without working. This means that while there is provision for students to take employment during vacations or spare time, no account may be taken of any prospective earnings from that employment in assessing the ability of a student to meet the maintenance requirement, except where the educational establishment at which the student has a place:

  • is a publicly funded institution of further or higher education which is itself providing and guaranteeing the employment, and has provided details of how much the applicant will earn
  • is able to guarantee that there are jobs available and how much if anything the applicant will earn.

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